so, my friend was playing Sylestia while I watched (because we only had one computer out at the time) and she caught this sylesti. She noticed that he only had one point of food and I said, “He probably didn’t eat well last night. after all, he is skin and bones!”


I’m excited about this pairing and they’re not going to be able to breed for awhile yet.

I present Green Tea and Herbal Tea. GT was my first pet on the site whereas HT I gen’d up not that long ago. His gen made him a lot darker than her which makes me even more excited.


YESS THE MUTATION WE COMISSIONED IS OUT!!! holy Shit it looks incredible

we have 20 essecnes and we’re gonna make em all now

So I started my own fan-page. Could we affiliate?
Anonymous asked:
ok i play sylestia but i just started not too long ago and the thing is when i go to the map, i can't click any of the areas. they don't even show up. why is this?

It sounds like you aren’t following the tutorial (boxes in the bottom right)…you will need to follow them and the map should unlock once you’re suppose to be using the map. If you need more help it would be more beneficial if you could PM me in game (Faiona)…that way I can actually see your account and see what is going on. :)

Anonymous asked:
how do you go to esior's fields

Explore - Map


Finished picture of Vector on Sylestia

Done in Sai on monoprice tablet


commission for ash on sylestia! what a color palette :>


Another Syl avi art I forgot to upload


commission for starfall on sylestia!

like whoa colors